Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's to a new year...

Is it really the middle of January already?! I am still playing catch up after the Holidays. We had a great Christmas and Audrey loved the snow. We headed out to Prescott for New Years and it was fun. We got to see my mom's new house. She told me it was pretty far out there but you don't really understand how far until you are HALFWAY to Flagstaff!!! Seriously, it is in the middle of nowhere on some horrible dirt road. After the shock of basically 4 wheeling our way there...It was really nice. Lots of trails for them to play in the Razor, lots of wildlife to watch, a never ending supply of rocks for Audrey to play with, and the inside of the house is beautiful. We also got to see my Aunt Mary's new house which is only about 5 miles away. It is gorgeous as well. Paul and I were able to go out for New Years with my brother and My mom, Dean, Aunt Mary and Uncle Bim watched the girls. No one believed us that Peyton will absolutely not take a bottle until all four of them ran out of ideas that night. It would have been a funny scene to watch their attempts. In the end she decided to just fall asleep for the night and wake up at 4am for her next feeding.

I already started one of my classes and the other two start next Monday. I spent all of our retirement money buying books. No surprise there. I'm not sure why I thought they would be cheaper at a community college but my total for 3 books was $340. Goodbye idea of getting a wii! haha

Audrey is cracking me up everyday with the things she does and says. She has to know how everything works. She loves all her dress up clothes. She thinks helping Daddy in the garage is the best thing in the world. She has some play tools and she fixes everything for me. School is still her favorite thing to do during the week. She is starting to tell me everything they do during the day and I love hearing it. There aren't very many boys in her classroom so a little boy named Braxton gets all kinds of attention from the little girls. Everyday Audrey gets a smile on her face and talks about playing with Braxton. It's adorable.

Peyton is getting so big already! Just took her to the doctor yesterday to ask about ideas for getting her to take a bottle. She already weighs 14lbs 7 oz. We have a bumbo and she absolutely loves it. She will sit in it and watch her sister and you can see in her eyes how much she wants to get up and play with her. She is still our little cuddle bug. She would be thrilled if I just held her all day long. She giggled for the first time two nights ago. Paul and I were laughing because we were so frustrated that she wouldn't take a bottle and as she is breast feeding she lets go and starts laughing with us. Too cute. She also just had her first tooth come up on the bottom!

Paul is back to work with his students this week. Lots of sim time. In his spare time we are finishing up Peyton's room. Paul built some adorable box shelves for her wall and we are adding some colorful fabric to the back of them. He also used his new jigsaw to cut out some butterflies from wood and is currently painting them. They are so adorable. I will be sure to add pictures when they are done. I am currently sewing the curtains for her room as well.

I think this is going to be a fabulous year.