Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Blues

Every member in my hosuehold has severe cabin fever! Audrey hasn't had school in two weeks and most of our friends are still out of town. It has been cold and windy with lots of snow on the ground which equals no parks/outside time. All-in-all we are going a little crazy in the Waller household. We bundled the girls up yesterday because it was a little over 30 degrees which is warmer than it has been and took them outside. They lasted a whopping 20 minutes before tears came. Audrey fell in some mud and Peyton was just cold so back into the house we went. Thank God, literally, that we had church today and all got out of the house. There could have been a blizzard outside and we still would have gone. Its our first winter in Tehachapi and I knew it would be rough but, WOW. I will say one nice thing about Bakersfield-because of the heat they have some awesome indoor play stuff for kids. Tehachapi has NOTHING for children indoors. I would pay a lot of money to have a Pump It Up or a Wild Child up here. If I knew I was going to be here for a long time I would consider starting one of my own.

I guess enough of my whining...Christmas was really nice. It was just the four of us and we stayed home relaxing. The kitchen turned out BEYOND amazing. The girls love it. Both the grandparents bought little kitchen stuff for it and it all came together so nicely.

Paul has been working a lot lately. I mean don't get me wrong his job is still great compared to the hours he would work anywhere else but with the commute he is gone a lot longer. Add that to the girls and I being couped up all day and the minute Paul walks in the door the poor guy gets bombarded for attention. We decided in February I am going out to AZ with the girls. I am going to head down to Phoenix one day for some much needed "me" time which includes some shopping and a mani/pedi while my mom watches the girls. Meanwhile Paul is going to have a guys weekend in Tehachapi and invite some of his college buddies up. Hopefully the house will still be standing when we get home!

I start school again in two weeks and I'm pretty nervous. Three classes is going to be very challenging. I originally planned on a Child Development course but I'm still number 7 on the wait list so I might add another history requirement instead. It would be really hard taking two history classes at the same time along with the music class I have to take but I'm doing as much as I can to be finished with BC so I can transfer.

Peyton is starting to use a lot more words. She also loves talking on the phone already. Everytime I'm on the phone with my mom (which is usually at least once a day) Peyton has to hold the phone and listen to her talk while repeating "hi" over and over. Its pretty cute. We are officially getting rid of the changing table because she has outgrown in along with the high chair. Hopefully she will potty train as early as Audrey did! 20 months is pretty amazing so I don't know if she will or not but its worth a try.

Audrey's favorite thing in the world right now is to press my buttons. Seriously she knows exactly what to do to really set me off. It sounds rediculous because she is not even 4 yet but she has a real talent for it. I am really working on just letting some things go but at the same time I want her to be a well behaved, well mannered kid. She can be such a sweet heart sometimes though. She loves to take care of her babydoll and her stuffed cat. She loves to help me cook. Her art projects and coloring are getting more and more detailed. I find it hard to believe she is going to be four in four months. Where has the time gone?

Audrey pretending she has a mustache and goatee