Thursday, April 29, 2010

So close!

Audrey and Shiba

Hiking 10 miles from our house

I am so close to the end of this semester! I have a final 10 minute speech to give on Monday. I have one more exam and a final in History and 2 more exams in math. I have to toot my own horn a little bit and tell everybody how great I am doing in history. I received a 106% on the first exam and a 120% on the second exam in history. There is always an extra credit essay you can try so that is how I was able to get the higher score. I have no doubt that history is what I want to major in once I transfer to a university.

Enough about boring me...haha I know you all check this to hear about the girls! Audrey is so funny. I stubbed my toe the other day and it brought tears to my eyes so she said "Mommy don't be sad. If I kiss you, you will be better." She loves helping me in the kitchen. Anytime she is grumpy I just ask if she wants to help me bake and she perks right up. She also loves helping daddy in the garage with his tools. She tells me all about her new school which she loves. Even though I loved her last one this one is great because its smaller so I think she gets a little extra attention. I also love her teacher Ms. T.

Peyton is really showing her personality. She makes you aware if she doesn't like something. She knows how to control me already! Unfortunately she still isn't taking a sippy cup or bottle so it makes nights that I have class a little difficult. At least she is loving her solids so that helps. I have been making all of her baby food and so far its working out great. The doctor said the way I am making it is perfect and she says if people have the opportunity to do it, she highly recommends it.

Paul is getting a little break at work. His students finished their training so we had a big bbq at his group leader's house. It was a lot of fun. I can't say I have spent much time with Japanese people so it was great learning more about them. They have some funny games. One is sort of like pin the tail on the donkey or hitting a pinata. You tie something over your eyes and spin around a stick. Then you try to wack a watermelon that is on the ground as people are coaching you where to go. So funny to watch. Paul did surprisingly well too. Audrey loved being the center of attention with all the students. After about a month Paul will get on with the next class and fly the bonanza again.

We are heading out to CO next month and I am so excited! Every weekend we have something going on. We fly out to CO and when we get back my grandparents visit. Then we have Audrey's birthday. The week after that we are taking her to Disneyland to celebrate. The weekend after that my mom and Dean are coming out to visit. Should be exciting!!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

All moved in...sort of

Once again it has been too long since my last post. Time is flying by already this year. I cannot believe it is April already!

Due to Audrey's allergies her ear, nose and throat doctor recommended we put her on steroid allergy medication. This is all due to the wonderful air quality in Bakersfield. (For those of you that don't know, Bakersfield is number 2 in the nation for poor air quality) Don't get me wrong I am a firm believer in medicine and the amazing things it can do but that was taking it too far for me. Audrey has already had two sets of tubes in her ears and now we have taken her adenoids out. So instead of putting her on the steriods we made the decision to move up to Tehachapi!

Moving is never fun. Especially with two kids. I didn't think having a second kid would make it more difficult but somehow it is. It's taking me much longer to unpack with this move than the last one. But the house is great! There is a big back yard that is being landscaped as I type. It is nice and new and updated with granite countertops. We have a really nice landlord instead of a horrible property management company that just wants to steal our money! The only downfall is that Paul now has to commute to work and I have to commute to school. But the pros definitely outway the cons at this point.

Peyton is getting so big! She is sitting up on her own and playing with toys. She is eating big girl food and she is still all smiles. Paul and I have been so blessed with two amazing girls!!

Audrey starts her new preschool this week and I'm sure she is really excited. Spring break is officially over for me so I have some major assignments due this week including an 8 minute speech! I still do not like speaking in public and contrary to popular belief it does not get easier the more you do it.

Paul is busy setting up his work bench and tools in the garage. He is really excited to have a yard and a new place to build stuff for. Once the patio is extended he has already planned our little outdoor oasis!

Sorry there are no pictures this time his computer is not playing nice this evening. I promise soon I will put some up!