Monday, August 22, 2011

I've got to get this out

Okay so before I forget, I need to type it out!

Audrey- AHHH she is so funny. I was sitting by the bathroom door during bathtime so obviously I can keep an eye on the girls but they didn't really know I was there. Audrey stands up and announces loud and clear, "Everyone must stand up for the meeting! It is about to start!" then whispering to Peyton "Peyton, hurry up and stand!" Peyton, trying not to slip on her face into the water stands and Audrey says "Okay the meeting is over you may sit down." Paul and I were just looking at eachother cracking up. Audrey did this for 20 minutes over and over and finally Peyton yells at Audrey with the best pronunciation, "No thank you, Audrey!!!" Peyton is not one to be told what to do, that's for sure.

So onto potty training news. Peyton was pooping on the potty for over a week and all of a sudden stopped. I'm not sure why but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it so she wouldn't be put off. Then all of a sudden she has started again and is doing really well. Today I dropped Audrey off at preschool and my friend Amy was telling me about how much she loves the new potty training pants she got for her youngest. I didn't think Peyton was close to peeing regularly on the potty. I was wrong! After we left and went to a playdate she asked to go on the potty. She went. Then when we got home, she went again. Then before naptime she went again. So far all morning she has had a dry diaper! So, I'm not getting my hopes up but....woohoo!

Oh yeah another thing I need to type out! Before dinner Paul was sitting at the table coloring with the girls. He starts chuckling and tells Audrey to describe her picture to me. She said,"Here is Daddy and his airplane. Here I am playing with Peyton and here is Mommy in her kitchen, that's where mommies stay." I could have smacked Paul for that one! So according to Audrey a mom's duties include: cooking, cleaning, jogging and studying for school. Yes, she tells me this often. Also, as of right now her career goals include: ballerina, mommy, princess, gardener, and chef. She also states that she will have a huge house and lots of lollipops. But they have too much sugar.

I started this post last Thursday and didn't get a chance to finish. So today, 8/22/2011 I will try to post it!

Tehachapi's annual Mountain Festival was taking place over the weekend so of course we had to take the girls to the carnival. Keep in mind, Paul HATES carnivals. They seriously make him jittery and unhappy. He says he doesn't like the sketchy rides, the sketchy people...pretty much he hates everything about it. However, being the awesome dad that he is, he sucked it up and came with us. Boy am I glad that he did. If you ever need someone to negotiate anything for you, he's your guy. Each ride clearly states how many tickets it takes to ride the ride well Paul doesn't agree with them. So a ride that is 4 tickets per person (keep in mind its about $1 per ticket=expensive) and all four of us would be in line. Well Paul would hand them 7 or 8 or however many he was willing to part with. The workers would look at him, shake their heads and just let it go. Finally one of them said that Paul didn't give him enough tickets. Paul's reply was something along of the lines of, oh well that's all I have and proceeded to enter the ride. Of course the guy just looked stunned and didn't say a word. Paul was thoroughly proud of himself for stretching our tickets far beyond what they should have been. I just hung my head and laughed. The girls loved it though.

On Friday I read that there was a big air show that was taking place over the weekend. Paul and I talked it over and decided he would take Audrey on Sunday for a special father daughter day and Peyton and I would have a day together as well. It went amazing. The air show was in Camarillo and his brother Steven met up with them there. They stayed for a while and afterward Paul took Audrey to the beach, just the two of them. Well they for sure had an amazing time. They both came home looking like happy lobsters. Apparently Audrey thinks sand crabs are the greatest thing in the world because he said they kept her occupied for over an hour. Peyton and I had a great day as well. Her favorite thing in the world is to cuddle with me and read books for hours. You will not hear me complain.

On to some pictures...I realized I never posted about the mountain getaway Paul and I had. It was amazing.

The weirdest flowers I've ever seen

My perkiness before our 12 mile hike. Afterward..not so much

She wanted to paint the rest of her body too

Ready for the airshow with Daddy and Uncle Steven!

Oh yeah, update on potty training! AWESOME! Seriously she has rocked it. Underwear all morning with no accidents, diaper at naptime that is dry when she gets up and underwear again until bedtime with no accidents. The best part.....not spending a fortune on diapers for much longer!!!!!!