Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in sunny San Diego

Aboard the USS Midway-checking out the jets

The Cabrillo Tidepools

The Waller boys before surfing

Last week was amazing. Paul's parents decided as an early Christmas present to the family they would rent a house in Carlsbad so everyone could get together for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. The only negative part was that Peyton was sick most of the week. She had croup which is not fun at all. Especially because we were four hours away from our pediatrician so she just had to fight it off naturally. I'm all for taking medicine and feeling better way sooner than being miserable and grumpy...

We did lots of fun things. We went to Sea World which both the girls loved. I hadn't been there in about 5 years so it was nice to go back and experience it with the girls, my hubby and Paul's family. Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls so the guys and I could ride the big kid rides and get completely soaked. Keep in mind it was about 62 degrees out so we were freezing afterwords. Luckily we were smart enough to save those for right before we left. We also went to the Cabrillo National Monument and it was gorgeous! The view of San Diego from up there was breath-taking. After hiking around a little up there we ventured down to the tidepools. It was a bummer because the tide was too high but it was still a really fun place.

We had lots of beach days and the guys got to go surfing. They had so much fun and were completely exhausted afterwards. We were also very excited because Paul's Aunt Betsy, Uncle Corwin and the kids rented a house nearby so we got to spend lots of time with them. Audrey and Peyton adore Paula and Michael.

I have to say Audrey and Peyton have the best Uncles. My brother and Paul's brothers are amazing with the girls and they have so much fun together. I feel really blessed to have such awesome family on both sides.

Well this week is going to be brutal! I slacked off on my homework while we were gone so now I am swamped. Plus, I have finals next week.

Paul is a busy man getting the girls' kitchen done. It is looking so cute I can't wait for it to be done so I can post some pictures. We are still debating colors for the paint but I know it will turn out great.

Audrey is so happy to be back in school this week. The first thing she said when she woke up this morning was,"Do I get to go to school today?!" I had to laugh because Mrs. Teri asked how her Thanksgiving was and her only reply was telling her about the Christmas cookie Grandma and Grandpa gave her when we left.

Peyton is doing much better and I'm sure she is happy to be sleeping in her crib again. I don't think the pack n' play is that comfortable.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good mood Thursday

The view we will enjoy while staying in San Diego

The beautiful pool

That hammock has my name written all over it!

Sometimes Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Audrey had preschool in the morning so it puts her in a good mood the rest of the day. Peyton gets me all to herself for the morning so that makes her happy. I know the next day is Friday which I am either going to a MNO or staying home and playing games or watching a movie with Hubby. Paul knows he will get to work in the garage over the weekend. All-in-all Thursday puts me in a good mood.

Just had my friend Amanda come over to take some pictures of Peyton in the Baby Mohawk vest she made. She is starting a business on etsy and it's really cute. If you want a unique Christmas gift or just something cute for your little one I will post the link to her website once its up. She is even making them in Audrey's size so I am really excited!

Paul is working really hard on the kitchen and it is looking amazing. I'm actually a little jealous of the girls. I will probably get yelled at for locking them out of the room so I can play with it. ;D

I have been working really hard to get ahead in my classes so I'm not stressing too much during our San Diego vacation. I'm on the very last chapter in my Statistics class and I have only one more assignment in my Anthropology class. I can't believe this semester is almost over. I just had to pick out my classes for next semester and I'm pretty excited. I'm still getting a lot of the required classes out of the way but I allow myself one "fun" class every semester so I don't go too crazy. Next semester I my fun class is (If I get into them on time because it's always a race) History 2-the world since 1500 CE. In case you didn't know they no longer use B.C or A.D. now it is B. C. E. which stands for Before Common Era and C.E. for Common Era. Yes, that is my nerdy future history professor side coming out. I am also taking a music appreciation class because it's required. Well either that or I have to take band and no one wants to hear me plan an instrument. I am also taking Child Development: Birth-Adolescence. When I checked I found out the class is a lot harder than it sounds. But I have to take some child development courses so we will see how it goes. Just three classes closer to what I want to do!

Enough about me though. I know you only read this to hear about the girls. Audrey just had her progress report for preschool (I wish I was joking but they really do that in preschool) and it looked great. She has a hard time waiting her turn to saying something. When she wants to talk everyone better shut up and listen, at least that's what she thinks. But, as you know that's how every three year old is so no big deal. This morning I was woken up by Audrey climbing in my bed with one of my novel's from the bookshelf in our room. There are no pictures because it's not a kiddie book but she made up her own story and laid down next to me for 20 minutes "reading" to me. It was precious and I love hearing her make up her own stories. That is one thing I am so proud to have passed onto her. Audrey randomly walked up to me today and said, "Do you remember Peyton used to be in your tummy? She was in you forever and finally got out of there." I love how random things like this come out of her mouth.

Peyton is such an attention hog. If I put Audrey on my lap it is just unacceptable for Peyton, she must be there too. She really loves the days Audrey has preschool because its just her and I playing all morning. Once a week or so we have a playdate with other babies but she would still rather it be just us. She is social with other babies though so that makes me feel better. Sometimes I get worried that she will be attached to my hip for the rest of my life. The only time she wants nothing to do with me is when we are dropping off or picking up Audrey from preschool. Peyton loves to play in her classroom and act like a big kid. I know she will love preschool once she is potty trained. I'm trying not to get my hopes up though that she will potty train as early as Audrey did. Audrey was potty trained by 20 months which was really early. I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers that she follows in her big sister's footsteps for that.

A couple more days and we will be relaxing in beautiful San Diego. The forecast looks awesome for out trip and I can't wait! I'm sure I will have a billion pictures to share when we get back.

Monday, November 8, 2010

1 year old soccer star!

Sorry about the glare from the light. Our dining room wall was looking sadly empty so we decided to go with the vintage airplane theme because we already had the Italy one. So we picked one from Japan, Italy and France. I love them!

My handy husband is working on the girls' Christmas present and it's going to be so cute! Paul decided with no prompting from me what-so-ever (that's just how awesome he is) that he wanted to make the girls a play kitchen. We are getting rid of the glider which is in a corner of Peyton's room and it will be the perfect spot for it. Paul drew up the design and I was very impressed. One thing I love about my husband, he always surprises me. I know I shouldn't be because he has so much talent for a lot of things but he thinks of the best ideas and always follows through with them. So while he works on building the kitchen I am going to start sewing them some pretty little aprons. I may have to make a mommy sized one as well while I'm at it! I promise to post lots of pictures after he is finished. Its going to have a lot to it so I think it may take a month for him to finish.

It's funny because with all my schoolwork I always push things like sewing off even though I love doing it. I'm constantly saying, no I don't have time to make that because I have so many assignments due ect...ect...But Paul, knowing me so well, gives me the little push I need to do my homework tomorrow and do what I need to do today. Its hard sometimes, multitasking being a mom which includes way to many things to list, being a wife (also too many things to list), being a student, helping out at Audrey's preschool, getting involved with my church, being apart of the MOPS group...Going 100 miles per hour all the time is exhausting but I love my life. I have a lot to be grateful for and sometimes I forget that. Paul is the one that helps me slow down and realize that I need to enjoy life instead of racing through it like I tend to do. Sorry to get a little heavy on you guys, I just write what I feel at the moment.

On a lighter note, 13 days until San Diego with the Waller side of our family! I am so excited. I haven't been to San Diego in probably 4-5 years so it will be fun to go back. We definitely want to take the girls to Sea World and probably the zoo. There is so much to do there I don't know how we are going to fit it all in.

I saw Peyton actually kicking the soccer ball the other night and I had to get it on video. I am trying to get a video of Audrey and her made-up song that she keeps singing but she won't let me yet so stay tuned and I will try to get it! She is so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wait, is it really November already??

The beautiful curtains I made for Peyton's room.

Checking out all the candy they scored.

Two things that were screamed at me today: "It's not fair!!!" and "You're a mean mommy!" I always thought it would bug me when one of my kids finally said that but it just made me want to laugh. Obviously, I couldn't laugh while reprimanding her but I laughed about it later when I told Paul. I bet you can guess the exact words that went through my head when she screamed its not fair---come on I know your parents said it---Life isn't fair! However much I wanted to use that as my response I didn't only because I wanted to get down to the bottom of why her not always getting her way isn't fair to her. In regards to being a "mean mommy", I don't care if she thinks me keeping her safe is mean, that's what moms do.

Halloween was a lot of fun. We carved pumpkins with our good friends Will and Rachel. Our pumpkin was not quite as successful as theirs but it was a good idea. Paul carved Dora the Explorer but gave her fangs. Audrey was not amused. The first words out of her mouth were,"that's a scary Dora. I don't like her." Maybe next year we will come up with something amazing. Trick-or-treating was fun. We did the trunk or treat in downtown Tehachapi but it was packed! After waiting around for a while we decided to just hit up a few houses on our street. Audrey is still pretty shy which is my fault for drilling stranger danger into her, so she whispered trick or treat when someone would answer the door. Both the girls looked adorable though! Unfortunately, we didn't get any family pictures but we managed to get one of the
girls and I.

Coming up in the next few weeks... I will be signing up for my spring semester classes. My statistics class I took this semester is the last math I ever have to take so I am thrilled!! Paul is making Audrey and Peyton's play kitchen which will be their big Christmas present from us. His design is going to be really cute. Audrey has all kinds of things going on with her school. We are practicing her songs for their Christmas pageant. Peyton has some beautiful new curtains that I finally finished. Yes, I sewed them all by myself. Paul's parent's have rented a place in San Diego so we can all spend Thanksgiving together. We are hoping the month goes by fast because we can't wait to go and see his side of the family!!