Monday, September 20, 2010

Vegas Baby

Well Paul and I took our first trip away from the girls in a long time. We didn't want to go too far and we didn't want to spend too much money so we decided on Vegas. You are probably thinking...Not spend too much money??? How is that possible in Vegas?? First of all we are not into gambling. As Paul would say, we might as well flush quarters down the toilet to see if they come back. So that wasn't a high priority for us. We also aren't big drinkers, unless you count 1-2 drinks per month as drinking a lot. Now you are probably thinking well maybe you just wanted to try all the good restaurants there?? Nope, we purposely picked a nice hotel that came with a kitchen so we didn't have to eat out a lot. But even without all that, we had an amazing time. We got to do a little shopping, during which we remembered how relaxing it can be without kids tagging along. We slept in a little and enjoyed a quiet breakfast. We got dressed up and went out dancing. We did lots of people watching because Vegas is probably close to number one for places that have the craziest people. Of course we missed the girls the whole time. Our hotel, The Polo Towers, has the coolest looking kids water area. It has all kinds of water toys and features so everytime we walked past it we would look at eachother and laugh because we were both thinking how much the girls would love it.

Meantime, my mom and Dean came to Tehachapi to watch the girls while we were gone. They apparently had a blast. Both the girls were excited to see us but sad to see them leave. We will be in AZ in October though for Peyton's 1st bithday so they won't have to wait very long. Hopefully we can see our CO family soon because we miss them too.

My mom told me that they were driving around and Audrey said,"my Daddy goes to work every morning." My mom asked her what Mommy's job is and Audrey replied,"she goes jogging." At least I have something to put on my resume right?

Paul had a really good birthday weekend. Can you believe he is 25?! I told him he's practically over the hill now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time just won't slow down

She obviously did not want to wear it as much as Audrey!

Is it really already September??? Seriously, it feels like Peyton was just born yesterday and Audrey is still 2 1/2. However, Audrey is an independent, sassy 3 year old and Peyton is practically walking and almost 1.

It has been one of those days where I feel emotionally overwhelmed because I feel so blessed. Let me toot my own horn for just a second...I have an amazing husband who I fall in love with more everyday and two beautiful, healthy, fun-loving girls that brighten every single day. I'm done.

Audrey...oh my funny, stubborn, lovely child. She is so much fun but she is so like me sometimes its scary. I have come to terms with the fact that I'm the most stubborn person I know and unfortunately I passed that trait to her. Sometimes I feel like she is already a teenager though! Yesterday I asked her to put her books on her bookshelf and you know what she did? She said FINE and slammed her door. That does not fly in this house though. She was in some deep trouble for that one. But, she is not always difficult...She has the most amazing, interesting imagination I have ever watched. She loves to fly in her airplane with Daddy. This consists of sitting on the floor next to eachother and Paul making airplanes noises while they crash and roll. She loves having ice cream parties with me (instead of tea parties). Maybe this is her way of telling us she doesn't get enough ice cream?? It is a rare commodity in our house. Dress up is another favorite of hers. She will put on her leggings with one of my shirts and all her play jewelery and then outrageous mismatching socks with her disney high heels. I will be sure to get some pictures. She is also a big music lover. When I am studying in the evenings and Paul is watching the girls I can hear them rocking out in the living room and dancing around. I'm thinking some ballet, tap and jazz are going to be something we get Audrey into very soon. One very good thing that Audrey got from me is her love of books. If she had it her way we would read every book she owns everynight. I finally had to limit her to 3 before bed.

Peyton is just a giggling, demanding, mama's girl. She LOVES to hide around the corner and play peak-a-boo. When I tickle her she has the funniest laugh. She laughs so hard it sounds like a screaming animal but she clearly thinks its the greatest thing ever. When she is not following Audrey's every move she is constantly in need of personal attention. She has the I-want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it-and-now syndrome which she is quickly learning doesn't happen as much as she'd like. If I am in the middle of making her bottle she is yelling because its obviously not fast enough for her liking. Audrey is a complete Daddy's girl and I was always jealous saying I hope the next one is a Mama's child. Well Peyton certainly is. She would be content just playing with me and being attached to me all day. When she gets hurt or falls down she will not be quieted down until I hold her in my arms and sing Baby Beluga. I will be the first to admit, my voice could make people cringe but Peyton loves when I sing to her. She loves to hold hands and walk when we go to pick up Audrey. I think she feels like a big girl walking around Audrey's school. Overall, Peyton is happy doing whatever.

Paul is up for his annual check today at work. I have no doubt in my mind he will pass with flying colors. He knows what he's doing and he's good at it. He's still happy at IFTA but we are definitely looking to the future and what he wants to do next. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Paul is officially a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. It pretty much means he has an amazing pass rate for his students (meaning he's an awesome instructor) and it looks great on the resume.

Classes are going really well for me. Statistics is much harder than I was anticipating. I thought it was supposed to be easy??? No. But I love my Cultural Anthropology class. Its fascinating learning about different cultures and customs. History is still my love though and I still plan and majoring in it.