Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where did all the unbiased Professors go?!

Goodness gracious! I am so fed up with my left-wing lunatic Professor it makes me sick. For his World Civilizations class we have to participate in discussions every week, which for the record I think is great. It would be even better however, if the discussion questions weren't dripping with conservative disdain. He makes it quite clear how he feels on the subject in the question alone. I thought at the college level we were supposed to have Professors that encourage us to have our own opinions instead of trying to cram their own down our throats. At first I tried to stay neutral during the discussions to preserve my straight A's but I will stay silent no longer. Here are some of the recent questions along with my responses:

Have the lessons of Vietnam been forgotten… and are we learning those lessons again in Iraq? Did America forget the lessons of its own Revolutionary War in Vietnam?

At first this discussion just angered me. Then I sat down and thought about the lessons our nation learned from Vietnam and which ones we might have forgotten. I think we learned that the media has a direct influence on war and some are forgetting that. By showing all the protestors and giving them airtime they are just giving them a louder voice. I personally just ignore them because I try not to be swayed by biased ranting but most people can’t do that. I read an article written by a Marine that served during Vietnam and one thing he mentioned was how offensive it is to hear someone say, “I support our troops but not the war.” If you really feel that way, put down your picket or microphone and take the time to send a care package or letter to the troops you “support”. Our leaders are elected by us, so if you don’t agree with their decisions, get rid of them in four years. It’s what I plan to do in 2012.

The enormous sums that we waste on foreign bases, wars, and weapons do not enable us to respond to smallpox, suitcase nukes, and exploding shoes. Are terrorists a bona-fide enemy… or are they are a symptom of the inequity founded in the economic misery that our foreign policy symbolizes and the insult that it conveys? If the United States wishes to win its war against terrorism, should it redirect its defense budget into global humanitarian endeavors, trusting that as the Third World becomes wealthier, better educated, and more sophisticated, its people will increasingly demand the institutions that grant them the political and economic means to interact with the world as equals?

So are we supposed to take care of the entire world? If we drop our defenses we are all dead. Sure, humanitarian work is great and I’m all for it but killers are breeding everyday. They are giving kids automatic weapons and teaching them to kill mercilessly. I personally wouldn’t want a friend or family member in the military to try and give that kid a book and be rewarded with a bullet. We can only help them so much. In the end they have to want change for themselves, only then can we help them become wealthier, better educated and more sophisticated.

Adolf Hitler is reported to have said, “If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big lie.” Perhaps this is how he managed to bamboozle so many—with respect to Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Russia--with his false assurances of peaceful intentions; nobody could have imagined that anyone could lie so audaciously. Has George Bush lied to the American people about his reasons for going to war in Iraq, and about the prospects for getting out? Was he re-elected because the American people refuse to believe that their government would lie to them?

Wow, touchy subject. Let me see if I can tread lightly and not step on too many toes. As a supporter of President Bush I think he did what was necessary at the time. Of course as you all know, he couldn’t have just ordered it without Approval! So obviously he wasn’t the only one saying lets get them back. We elected him and therefore put our trust in him. If people didn’t like how he handled our country they wouldn’t have reelected him! That is the beautiful thing about our country, the right to vote for the leader which we believe has our country’s best interests at heart. He did. Getting Saddam Hussein out of power justified the means. Yes our government lies, all governments lie. To say otherwise is ignorant. You just have to hope that in the end something good comes from it. We, the people, put our leaders in office so if we don’t like how they handle it, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

Why, throughout the 20th century, did communism appeal to the poorest people? Are there tenets of socialism and communism that might still hold merit for modern man? Is a purely capitalist system better than a socialist system in which the state manages much of the economy?

A socialist system or big government that manages much of the economy is a huge mistake. Of course a purely capitalist system is better! Look at Obamacare and what a mistake that is. Our insurance was amazing (For example we didn’t even have to pay a premium!) up until his healthcare bill went into effect. The increase in costs which directly correlates to his changes has caused our price to go up substantially. So no, it was not helpful, it was a mistake. People may falsely believe that socialism or communism will be better because of government control but in the end they will realize that it only hurts a society and hinders it from its full potential.

My friends and family, this is just a taste of the biased questions coming from this Professor. The other ones include damning the United States for how we treated the Native Americans and the Hawaiins and pretty much ruined the world.

Well that is my rant for the day. If you didn't know my political thoughts before, you certainly do now!