Monday, May 23, 2011

Time is flying by...

It has been way too long since my last post. Things are moving along in the Waller household. I finished my Spring semester with all A's a week or two ago. My next set of classes begin next Tuesday so ready or not, here they come! I'm taking two this semester because the college I am going through only allows seven credits over the summer and most classes are three credits. However, this means in the fall I will be going full time in order to finish my associate degree in Decemeber so I can transfer to a university in the Spring. That's right, I'm going to be a stay at home mom and wife full time with two children while taking four classes...yikes. I know it's crazy but this is something that is so important to me and I will persevere. I know that later on when I am a full time college professor it will make every hardship worth it.

Paul is doing great. He is in a funk at work but that can be explained by his terrible students. You know when one of them has the nickname Captain Crash it has nightmare written all over it. He has been through hell with these three guys but he always comes home and switches right into Husband and Dad mode. He is such an amazing man to be able to let go of work problems and focus on his three girls while he is home. We are going to miss him this weekend because he will be gone Fri-Sun to get some night flights in. Luckily, my mom and Dean decided to come stay for the weekend so I will have some help. It will be a fun weekend getting to spend time with them.

Audrey is giving us a run for our money right now! I thought terrible twos were bad....piece of cake compared to the fighting fours. Oh my goodness...I once had a textbook for an english class titled Everything's an Argument. That is Audrey's motto. I ask what she wants for lunch and she says a turkey, cheese and mustard sandwhich. I repeat it directly back and she reprimands me saying no it's mustard, cheese and turkey! Oh, I thought that was the same thing. Silly me. Or, If I ask her to get dressed because it's time to leave for school she will give me this response, "Just chill mom, let me do what I do." That one earns a big sigh from me everytime. There are so many more that I can't even recall at the moment. I should keep a notepad close by to write this stuff down in the future. She turns 4 on Saturday and we are really excited for her to open her present. We decided she is ready for a bicycle so we bought a cute little pink one with training wheels. We aren't sure if she is going to want to ride it or not though. She is the most cautious kid I know and would never enter a pool without testing the water. This is the area where she and Peyton are completely opposites. Audrey is really scared to try new things and Peyton dives in head first. For her birthday party I got a great deal on a having a pony and petting zoo brought to our house. So Paul and I are betting on whether she will even go near the pony or wait to see other kids ride it first. I will definitely be posting pictures of the adorable outfit my Grandma Duthie made for her. It is fabulous!

Peyton is definitely a handful in her own way as well. The girl has no fear whatsoever. Paul makes fun of me everytime we take the girls to the park for being a hovercraft. I can't help it if I'm worried that our daredevil daughter is going to jump off a 15 foot play structure! Paul's theory is that if she does it, she'll learn not to do it again. I can see his wisdom but I can also see the bill from the hospital afterwards. I think it's good though that we are a little opposite in regards to that because I reel him in and he loosens me up.

The girls still fight like crazy. They are learning exactly how to press eachother's buttons and do so nonstop.  I am getting better at fighting my refereee instincts to break them up and try to let them fight it out. All-in-all though, our girls are amazing and they light up our life. When all four of us sit on the couch and cuddle while we read some books together it makes every single temper tantrum and screaming match worth it. We are trying to enjoy the "now" instead of constantly stressing over the future. Although I won't lie, it's always on our minds. I can feel some of our goals so close but its going to take faith and patience to see them through.

The perfect example of their different personalities.

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