Monday, June 6, 2011

A Princess and her pony

Audrey had an amazing birthday party. While I do admit, I went a teensy bit overboard for a fourth birthday party, it was totally worth it. Even better, I only paid for 1 pony and they ended up bringing two! The company had a huge event right before our party so the extra one was already in the trailor and ready to go. I was really worried because the weather forcast was looking terrible for the day of her party. Even at 1pm, two hours before go-time, the wind was howling and the skies were dark. Then right around 2 the wind died down and even though it was still overcast it wasn't miserable looking. Here are just a few of the many pictures from the party.

My beautiful princess and "cupcake" the pony.

All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the cupcake decorating (even if the parents did not!)

The adorable outfit made by my Grandma Duthie (or GG as Audrey calls her)

Can you tell she loved the pony ride?

Audrey and her buddy Carson. She told me just this morning how much she loves Carson (uh oh!)

Lots of animals in the petting zoo.

We are so happy that lots of her friends were able to join us for the celebration. Audrey was thrilled that her friend Ceinwen came up from Bakersfield and Uncle Steven came from LA. Thank you to everyone! For the rest of the pictures you can check them out on my facebook or send me an email and I will get them to you.

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