Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Videos, Videos, Videos!

Before I start with the videos I thought I would share my new do! A week or two before, (the picture below) I still had mostly blonde with some other colors mixed in.
And now.....

Red!!!! With a few blonde pieces mixed in.

Now, without further ado...

I had a homework free nap time today due to my over-achieving the past few days. Yes, I obsess with my grades and will work for hours on a paper to guarentee myself an A no matter the subject. (I know and admit I am crazy) Anyway...You know what I decided to do? Put all the videos from my phone onto my computer. I know, it's so exciting you can't even believe it! I'm a worrier by nature and the other day I realized how many videos I had on my phone of the girls and no backups. So, today I had a date with my jump drive and proceeded to watch all of the 100 video recordings on my phone. What a happy/depressing time! I've had this phone for over a year and just watching the girls grow through the videos was emotional! If you would like to reminisce with me, here ya go.....

Before we begin I must tell you to watch for all of Audrey's "interesting" outfits. Everyday after school she runs in her room, takes off the clothes I picked out for her that morning and picks out a new outfit. Needless to say, they are always original.

I love the lyrics she added into the song.

First video of Peyton walking

Soccer Star!

Going for a ride

Who knew dollar store balloons would be so great for entertainment!?

I think our windows shattered at that last part


Not even sure what to say...

Buns and bread baby!

Yes, this IS in fact my banshee...ahem child.

These two are always dancing

I'm sorry if your speakers were just blown out...Audrey is obviously enthusiastic about God.

Smart girl

I love these silly girls

She has been singing her ABC's all day and this is the loudest I was able to get on video.

Audrey's video to GG (My Grandma Duthie)

Wow, there were a lot of videos and I didn't even post them all! Our kids have grown so quickly. In the blink of an eye Peyton went from rolling over for the first time to counting and saying the ABC's. Audrey went from a nonstop giggling baby to this sweet hilarious little girl.

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